This is where you tell your readership a bit about you and your staff and what makes you stand out.

You might mention that you are a nonprofit news site that is free of advertising and free to your readers.  You might mention what you cover, including state government and politics as well as whatever beats/categories you are choosing to focus on that you think might be worth mentioning.  You might mention how many are on your staff and what city/building/area you are located in if you'd like.  You might also mention what readers can expect to find from your outlet, including in-depth stories, blog posts, commentary, social media posts, cartoons, podcasts, whatever you may offer!

You might also incorporate a little personal paragraph too about what makes you and your team unique on a more personal level, up to you!

OUTLET is part of States Newsroom, a nonprofit network of state government news sites supported by grants and a coalition of donors.

OUTLET retains editorial independence.

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Your bio would go here. Tell them about yourself. Whatever you think is important, tell them about your storied past here!

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